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March 2016

NORTHBROOK, IL – March 14, 2016 — Paramount Staffing had another stellar year when it came to workers compensation claims. Despite growing annually by 15 – 18%, the company has been effective in decreasing both the number of claims and the cost associated with its workers’ compensation program. Of course, the biggest beneficiary of these trends are our employees as it ensures their opportunity to work, earn a living and support themselves and/or family. First and foremost, these results don’t just happen and occur because of a collective effort between our client, employees and the Paramount team of managers. “Safety has been a very important component of our business model and it is realized that the work involved educating employees in how to work safely while also working with our clients to manage risk in the work environment can’t be compromised. We also realize that developing a comprehensive safety program is a never ending journey because work environments can change and new clients are being considered throughout the year. Consequently, we never feel that we have done enough to prevent an employee injury and continually review with our clients where we can make improvements together,” said VP of Risk Management Chad Niec.

Honored as a Top 20 Best Company by Fortune® Magazine, Paramount Staffing, headquartered in Northbrook, IL, offers a wide range of workforce solutions for the industrial sector of the marketplace. These services include On-Premises Staffing, Skilled Placements, and a Certified Forklift Training Center. Based on a strong reputation for providing industrial staffing services for a wide variety of businesses, Paramount Staffing employs over 5,000 people daily across 6 states. For more information, visit