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In March leaders of both PROMAN and PeopleShare came together in Miami for a 2024 Kickoff Meeting!

We were all joined together and welcomed PROMAN Group President, Roland Gomez, Director of Marketing, Camille Jankowski, along with our, CEO of PROMAN Group USA, Gilles Tanneur!

Roland gave an outstanding presentation including the history of PROMAN and what is to come.  The new PROMAN logos were introduced for all brands.

This was a very successful event, and the message of our CEO was the key point to this meeting “STRONGER TOGETHER”!

PROMAN and PeopleShare are one company under the PROMAN GROUP Family!

Since the March meeting, it has been very exciting times integrating both sides of the FAMILY coming together and structuring different areas to oversee both sides.

PROMAN and PeopleShare are VERY EXCITED to continue this journey of growth together to reach all our goals!